How to lose weight:-


How to lose weight:-

In these times, many people ask questions about weight loss, such as eating how many calories to lose weight and the best diet to lose weight. Here we start with a few easy home remedies that are the quickest way to lose weight. And they've got a lot of questions in their minds, for example

How to reduce weight
How to burn fat   
How much water should I drink       
Why am I not losing weight             
What is my BMI
The best solution to these questions is home remedies. The following are easy and simple home remedies for weight loss.
1. Honey and lemonade drink:-
Lemonade and honey are two of the most common ingredients used in the world cuisines.   Honey is considered healing Properties, and lemon helps to detoxify the digestive system. All this allows the body to get rid of excess fat, and the results are noticeable after a few weeks. This is one of the simplest best ways to lose weight.
Prepration method:
  • Heat a glass of water until it warms up.
  • Squeeze almost half of the lemon juice and add 2 tablespoons of the honey to the water.
  • Mix it up well and drink it early morning on an empty stomach.

Note: Continue this drink for a week to 10 days then move for next home remedy for good result.

 2. Honey and cinnamon weight loss tea:-
Cinnamon is a widely used spice for the world's dishes. However, you might not know the fact is that cinnamon helps a lot to lose weight and the easiest way to lose weight. The spice comes with intrinsic properties that reduce the need for sugar and also helps in controlling the amount of insulin in the blood.
preparation method:
  • Heat a glass of water to prepare honey and cinnamon tea.
  • Add two cinnamon sticks and a spoonful of honey to the water.
  • Hold it in order to become normal water.
  • Mix well, Strain the mixture drink cinnamon and honey flavored water every morning on an empty stomach.
  • It should work well you lose weight at home

Note: Continue this drink for a week to 10 days then move for next home remedy for good results.

These are simple ways to lose weight. Keep in mind that the daily follow-up to these home remedies without skipping bring excellent results. I am going to go more in the coming days' other subjects include weight loss programs, exercises to lose weight, and more.


  1. Nice blog, true in many facts.
    Looking forward for more information in future too.

  2. This is the easiest way for weight loss by using this remedy in our house. I have been using since from two days just hope so for good results.

  3. Great information, Natural way to lose weight.


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