Matcha vs Green Tea: Matcha even more powerful than regular tea?

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Matcha vs. Green Tea: Matcha even more powerful than regular tea?
Matcha Tea

Matcha tea vs Green tea :

Matcha is one type of green. It is made particularly taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a powder that looks bright green color. This is one of the different types of tea.

One can find matcha leaves growing on the bushes of green tea which kept under a shed for 20-30 days before harvesting. The reason behind it to increase chlorophyll in it which gives this rich green color and full of nutrients. All these leaves are handpicked and stems are removed. The leaves are grind in a dark place to save nutrients.


Japan is the central hub of Macha. The people have been growing and drinking matcha in Japan for centuries and it is one of the traditional parts of their lifestyle.

Benefits of drinking Matcha tea: In comparison with other green tea Matcha also contain catechins known as EGCG.(epigallocatechin gallate) which is very effective in fighting in cancer. It has many other health benefits too like it prevents heart disease, type 2 disease, and well known for promoting weight loss. And other benefits are preventing inflammation in the body keep arteries healthy and promote cell repair. According to one of the studies matcha it contains up to more than 3 times Antioxidants compare to any other high-quality tea.


Good for relaxation and Alertness: Green tea is a rich source of unique Amino acid called L-theanine

Matcha consists of higher levels of L-theanine in comparison to other types of green tea.

L-theanine increases alpha waves in your brain. These waves are associated with mental relaxation and can help fight stress.

L-theanine may alter the effects of caffeine in your body, increasing alertness, freshness, and avoid drowsiness.

L-theanine increases feel-good chemicals in your brain, due to which you feel improved memory, mood, and concentration

Furthermore, research shows that powdered green tea can improve brain function.


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